Check out the summaries from May 30 and June 21.
Wiffleball is back! Check out the Opening Day 2006 summaries (now with gameday video) and wallpapers. Big thanks to Tom Horan for some fantastic photos.
Fall Ball is back again. Check out the recaps of the 2005 festivities as well as the updated all-time statistics.
The 2005 HMWL Awards have been announced, with Fred Rogers dominating. Also, a new Fall Ball section has been posted.
All-time postseason stats now completed.
The statistics & standings have been cleaned up and now feature the '01 stats and '01 standings. Also, the all-time leaders page has the On Base % category added to it.
Video added to championship site. Also, look for 2005 HMWL Awards coming soon. We had some bad luck with videotapes, but at the least you can see some interviews and a couple brief clips.
It's over! The 2005 season has come to a close with Craig & Justin Hastings winning the 2005 HMWL Championship. Also, check out the (incomplete) postseason stats page. And don't forget to keep an eye out in the coming months for the '05 HMWL Awards, video coverage of the championship, and of course, Fall Ball.
All-time leaders page updated to reflect final statistics for 2005 season. Fred Rogers sets league record for best ERA and WHIP. He also tied the league record in triples with four. Also, the players pages have been updated to reflect this season's stats.
Playoffs mini-site is available, as is the explanation of how everyone earned their way into the playoffs.
Summaries for July 24 have been posted. Final stats, standings, and playoffs mini-site to come this week.
Stats and standings updated for the games of July 24. Summaries to come later this week.
So here's an absolutely insane update. First off, the stats and standings were updated a few days ago. You can also check out game summaries from May 10, May 14, May 17, May 28, and May 30. Also, TJ Collins finally has his very own player page. And if you haven't already checked it out, the history link now works.
Check out the media section to view some new Opening Day 2005 wallpapers.
Day 1 of the 2005 season is in the books. Check out all the updates, including game summaries, standings, and statistics.
Opening Day is fast approaching. Check out the quick preview before the games begin.
The youngn's earn two victories over the veterans in the return of Fall Ball to the HMWL.
Will Kenney takes home the MVP award, amongst other winners in the 2004 HMWL awards.
Check out the brand new venue section that includes new pics of Hastings Park.
Stats link now active, including all-time single-season leaders.
Players section up and running. Read up on player histories and all-time statistics.
The 2006 HMWL Preview
Don't forget to be prepared for the upcoming season. and a new hunger for an HMWL Championship...and of course The 2006 HMWL Preview has you covered.
Fall Ball
There's nothing quite like autumn wiffleball. Check out the history of this unique game.
The 2005 HMWL Awards
After the dust has settled from the HMWL Championship, it's time to hand out the awards. Check out the nominees, then hunt down Justin to give him your votes.
The 2005 HMWL Championship
The brothers Hastings took home the 2005 crown, winning the best-of-3 series in two games. Craig was named MVP for the second straight year. See more at the championship site.
The 2005 HMWL Preview
With a new season comes to expectations, new rule changes, and a new hunger for an HMWL Championship...and of course The 2005 HMWL Preview.
A Look Back
HMWL.net digs through the archives for some of the landmark games in league history. The first installment looks at the debut of Pat Riley in early June of 2002.
2004 HMWL Championship
Craig Hastings & Fred Rogers earned the 2004 crown after an 8-inning battle. Start with the game recap and continue with plenty of game coverage, including audio reactions.